Thursday, 21 September 2017

New: weed remover tool because you deserve more time gardening

Hours of gardening can bring on many aches and pains to the ageing body.  That is just what Mike, a professional landscaper and gardener started to feel after years of chopping, digging and planting. Irritated and grumpy with the availability of existing gardening tools he decided to design his own using existing technology which he adapted to make gardening less of a strain on the body.

The Cultimate weed remover tool has an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip. Not only does this uniquely designed tool tackle those nasty invasive plants growing between paving stones but it can also be used to break up hard soil and can be used for planting.

What also got to the Grumpy Gardener was handles on gardening tools cracking and working loose. No more? His weed remover tool has a handle that is tough, durable and moulded around the shaft of the weeder in such a way that the bladed can't work loose.

Why the cobra head-like design? Or the hand of Captain Hook? The curved shaft design means you can get right under the weed pulling out roots and all. It is also able to break through the hardest soils to dig out stubborn roots.

Weeds are just unwelcome plants that will grab any opportunity to invade your beautifully landscaped garden. Weeds compete for moisture and nutrients in the soil chocking out your favourite plants.

It is virtually impossible to prevent weeds growing in lawns and in flower beds but there are steps you can take to prevent an invasion:

  • Increase the density of plants in flower beds leaving little space for weeds to invade
  • Dig organic matter into your flowerbeds - compost, shredded bark or pine needles
  • Remove weeds before they go to seed
  • Use a lawn feed and weed control fertiliser

The new weed remover tool gets right under the unwelcome plant to pull out roots and all efficiently. How often have you tried to pull a weed out with your bare hands and got nothing more than a handful of leaves? Or used a traditional weeder and not been able to dig in deep enough to remove the the roots fully? With the Grumpy Gardeners weeder breaks through into even the hardest soils to remove weeds. 

Watch this video about the Grumpy Gardener weed remover tool to see how effective it is at raking weeds out from between paving stones and brick work.  Gardening is such a rewarding way to enjoy time out doors. Don't kill that enthusiasm with hours spent weeding. Put preventative measures in place and when you do see a weed make sure you dig it all out - roots and all - leaving nothing for regrowth.

Want to buy a gardening tool that is more than just a weed remover tool or looking for a novel gift for a keen gardener then visit the Grumpy Gardener website here

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